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            Qilu clean taste multi - effect interior wall latex paint

            Qilu clean taste multi - effect interior wall latex paint


            Qilu clean taste multi - effect interior wall latex paint
            1. Product features:
            This product is a healthy type of excellent performance of the interior wall latex paint. It is made of high quality tasteless and environment-friendly pure acrylic emulsion imported from Germany as raw material, with high weather resistance and dense pigment and additives. Good whiteness. No yellowing. Do not drop powder. High hardness. Smooth and smooth to the touch. The silk-like burnish highlights the nobility and elegance of your bedroom more, since clean. Benefit to your physical and mental health and the next generation.
            2. Instructions:
            (1) Purpose:
            Home decoration, high-grade guesthouse, hotel, hospital, office building interior wall high-grade decoration, etc.
            (2) Construction requirements:
            The surface of the coating should be smooth, solid without loosening, pulverization, peeling phenomenon, surface cavity crack and other uneven parts with mortar putty filling. Grind and smooth.
            Before use, the paint should be diluted with about 30% tap water and stirred evenly.
            3. Precautions:
            This paint must not be mixed with any organic solvents. The interior wall paint can not be compared with polyurethane, which is easy to yellowing during construction.
            This product should be stored in 5℃-35℃ environment to prevent freezing and sun exposure.
            Avoid paint splashing into eyes, such as splashing into eyes immediately with clean water.
            The relevant data in this note are obtained in the laboratory, and the actual data may be slightly different due to the change of the environment during actual use. The above data are subject to change without prior notice.

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