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            QLU-1023 enhanced epoxy primer

            QLU-1023 enhanced epoxy primer


            QLU-1023 enhanced epoxy primer
            1. Product characteristics.
            QLU-1023 is made of imported 828 resin or 128 resin, high quality solvent, BYK additives, American gas company curing agent and other raw materials, and refined by advanced technology process, is a high solid content, low viscosity two-component epoxy material. qlu-1023 coating has a series of excellent features: such as high mechanical wear resistance and adhesion. It has good penetration and high sealing to concrete substrate, strengthens the hardness of substrate and provides excellent adhesion. 
            2. Usage instructions.
            (1) Uses.
            As a general primer of QLU epoxy resin series floor coating, it is applied to concrete, terrazzo or other substrates.
            Construction requirements
            Mixing: Pour component A and component B into the mixing barrel in proportion and mix well.
            Construction method: Rolling, scraping, spraying, brushing. 0.15-0.3kg/ m 2
            Construction conditions: The water content should be less than 8% and the relative humidity less than 55%; avoid construction when the relative humidity is higher than 85% on rainy days or when the temperature is below 10℃.
            3. Caution.
            Sealed storage: in a cool and ventilated place, moisture-proof and sun-proof.
            This product is a chemical, swallowing is harmful or fatal, if swallowed should immediately seek medical advice. If splashed in the eyes accidentally, flush with plenty of water and seek medical attention immediately in serious cases. Pay attention to take precautionary measures, fire and explosion prevention, and the disposal of residues should comply with the safety regulations of relevant countries or local governments.

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